Whistleblower Portal

Welcome to the whistleblower page of Dr. Johannes Dilling, attorney at law. Please read the following instructions for whistleblowers carefully and then decide whether or how you would like to pass on your information.

1. Please read:

Please inform attorney Dr. Dilling,

  • at which company or part of the company he is responsible for as ombudsman
  • what
  • when
  • where
  • with which participants


Dr. Dilling is also interested in the knowledge of other persons - who may not be directly involved in the specific actions - and whether there are any documents (e.g. e-mails, photos) on this subject. You can also upload such documents as files via this web portal.

Please check carefully whether the information you provide is correct. In particular, you must not provide any information that you know to be false.

If you are not sure, please use phrases such as "I believe...", "I think it is possible...". In case of uncertainties in the presentation, the evaluation and/or the procedure, you can talk to Dr. Dilling about the case beforehand - also anonymously - and free of charge.

The information provided is checked for plausibility by attorney Dr. Dilling, processed and forwarded to the company in the form of a confidential report. The company then decides whether to have the information examined internally or, if necessary, pass it on to external bodies such as the public prosecutor's office. These investigations can represent a particular burden for the company, but also for the persons concerned. This also applies if suspicious facts do not prove to be true. Therefore, we ask you to carefully check in advance whether the information you provide is correct.

No attorney-client relationship between the whistleblower or whistleblower and attorney Dr. Dilling arises with the issuance of a notice. This relationship exists only between Dr. Dilling and the respective company which Dr. Dilling has appointed as compliance ombudsman. Nevertheless, Dr. Dilling agrees with each of these companies that they irrevocably waive the right to be informed of the whistleblower's identity if the whistleblower wants to remain anonymous.

You do not need to disclose your personal data when you issue the notice. You can therefore remain anonymous. Even if you tell Dr. Dilling who you are, you can demand that Dr. Dilling does not disclose your identity to the company concerned. This has been agreed with every company that Dr. Dilling serves as a compliance ombudsman. You should take care not to disclose any information that might allow conclusions to be drawn about your identity when issuing the notice.

Protected communication for whistleblowers

If you want to be absolutely sure that third parties cannot access the communication between you and Attorney Dr. Dilling, you can use the Signal Messenger, which ensures effective end-to-end encryption.

Further communication in case of anonymity

If you wish to remain anonymous, you should nevertheless give Dr. Dilling the opportunity to ask questions about the case at a later date.

The following can be considered for this

  • setting up a special e-mail address just for this case or
  • using ProtonMAIL for secure and encrypted e-mail communication or
  • using a prepaid mobile phone, possibly in combination with the Signal Messenger or
  • Threema.

You can also use this web portal to tell Dr. Dilling one-sidedly how, when and where you can be reached.

Dr. Dilling is also available for personal meetings with the whistleblower.

Data protection

If you provide personal data, these will be protected in accordance with the existing statutory provisions. Please refer to the existing privacy policy.

2. Make a report

Please select the channel best suited for you to make a report:

No mandatory information, you can also provide the information anonymously.
In particular, if you would like to remain anonymous, we would like to ask you to let us know how we can contact you if you have any questions. We recommend ”Protonmail” if you want to continue to communicate securely and anonymously by email.
Please choose whether you want us to contact you!
You can submit the notice in any language.

If you would like to contact me by e-mail and pass on a message, please use the following e-mail address:


In order to maintain maximum anonymity, please use a VPN connection if possible.

An anonymous and secure alternative to traditional e-mail traffic is offered by the provider ProtonMail (www.protonmail.com) from Switzerland. 

No personal data are required to create an account. ProtonMail does not create IP protocols that can be assigned to your anonymous account. Furthermore, the provider uses, among other things, end-to-end encryption to protect your messages. This means that even ProtonMail can't decrypt and read your messages. As a result, the company cannot share the encrypted emails with third parties. Since ProtonMail stores all user data on Swiss servers, they are protected by the strict Swiss data protection law.

If you would like to contact me via this way, please set up your own account, which is also possible free of charge, and send your message to this address: RADilling@protonmail.com

If you want to use Signal's secure end-to-end encryption, use the free app or account via Desktop and contact me on Signal using my mobile number:

+49 (0)178 4751572

With Signal, you also have the option of uploading data and passing it on to me.

Please note that the telephone number with which you log in to Signal is visible to other Signal users. If you want to protect your anonymity at this point as well, you should look for possibilities for short-term/prepaid alternatives that allow anonymity, or, for example, use the alternative Threema. If you are using Signal from your desktop, use a Tor browser, which you can download here, and a VPN connection.

If you want to contact me via Threema, use the paid app or an account via Desktop and use my following Threema ID to contact me:


Threema also gives you the opportunity to forward attachments to me.

When using Threema, please note that the source code is not visible to the public - as is the case with open source variants such as Signal - and therefore it is not possible to trace where the data may be viewed. As a rule, Threema is rated as a secure channel. 

If you want to reach me directly by phone, please use the following number:

+49 163 3476 111

Please note that the security of ordinary telephone calls through providers is not under your or my control.

If you would like to send me something anonymously by post, please send your documents or parcel to the following address:

Dilling Rechtsanwaltskanzlei
Landgrafenstraße 49
D-50931 Köln, Germany

I will treat your delivery with the utmost confidentiality. 

If you would like to meet me personally in order to make a report, I am also available for this purpose. Please contact me via one of the channels above to arrange a meeting point. Here, too, I assure the greatest possible confidentiality.